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Saft for authentication

Use Saft to authenticate on your professional devices with the strongest method at your disposal.

Saft for physical access

We offer hands-on support with a professional team of agents to ensure that your questions get answered in a timely manner.

Authentication made for humans

Stronger and easier authentication than ever

The dream of many of us: no more passwords to create, remember, change and update. Authentication at your service, not the other way around.

Totally confidential, totally secure

Keep your personal information safe, and naturally stop using unusable protection with Saft. We know that your bank, social network and email passwords are the same.

Frequently asked questions

How does Saft work?

As soon as a password is requested, a pop-up appears, asking the user to sign on his or her card. The integration can be done on the employee’s hardware or on the browser they use to connect to their various digital spaces.

What if I loose my Saft card?

If the card is lost or broken, it can be deactivated remotely, and Saft’s digital version can take over until you receive a new card. For your information, in the event of theft, don’t worry, the thief won’t be able to use the card for you, thanks to our signature analysis (behavioral biometrics).

What if I forget my signature?

If you forget your signature, simply reset it on the platform or mobile application.

Why not use standard biometrics?

  • Standard biometrics entail risks because, by using unchangeable user information, i.e. information that is unique to the user (face, fingerprint), they expose the user to being compromised via copying, theft…
  • In some contexts, traditional biometrics cannot be used by users in their own context (gloves, greasy hands, polished/damaged fingers, wearing a mask) or by nature (disability, illness).
  • Finally, some users do not wish to authenticate themselves using immutable biometric information.

One card per employee?

Yes, each employee has an individual Saft card.

Embrace the future of authentication

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